How can I pay with ALQO?

These payments are currently processed manually. Please send us an email or join the NodeStop discord server and request help in the #support channel. You'll be assisted as soon as possible with your order, usually within a few minutes.

Am I billed monthly for the 3, 6, and 12 month plans?

No, the plans are prepaid for the entire duration.

Are updates handled automatically for me?

Yes, we will handle all updates on our masternode servers.

What happens when my plan expires?

As long as there is enough balance on your account, the node will autorenew at the daily rate. You can disable autorenew on nodes anytime.

How safe are my coins with NodeStop?

Your coins are 100% safe. NodeStop works through a cold wallet setup, meaning that your coins never actually leave your wallet. At no point does NodeStop have access to the collateral coins of your masternode. Never send your coins or private keys to third parties.

What do I do if my control panel shows "null"?

Click the "Reindex Daemon" button and wait five minutes. If the problem is not fixed, click "Reset Server" and wait five more minutes. If there is still a problem send us an email or contact us on Discord through the "Support" channel.